Hey There! I’m Carolyn aka Carebear. I’m known for being calm, caring and funny. I love dad/bad jokes, good anecdotes, and getting to know people.

If you love animals, asian food, and exploring the world we could probably be best friends.

I have been married to my golf obsessed hubby for over 4 years now and we currently share our home with 25 furbabies in a little slice of paradise in Eastern PA.

I’m a lover of all things indie | boho and Scandinavian. When it comes to photography, I love nothing more than finding cuddly couples that are up for anything





THE BORING/BRAGGY BIT- I Graduated from RIT with a BFA in photographic arts and illustration meaning I have a foundation in both the art and the technical aspects of photography. I spent years in the darkroom and the computer lab working with so many different cameras, lighting, and techniques. I have a good understanding of both big productions and a more editorail storytelling approach which is probably part of the reason why I am so drawn to weddings.

THE FUN BIT – I LOVE LOVE LOVE animals, more than anything, because of this I don’t eat them and you can often find me saving spiders around the house. My husband says I have too many pets, but I think 25 is a healthy number(2dogs 4cats 1 parrot 1 fish 15 chicken 2 ducks). On top of having a little zoo of my own I spend my Monday mornings volunteering at a local rescue, so far I have managed to ONLY adopt 2 barn cats which is a pretty big feat for a girl that can’t leave Tractor Supply Co. empty handed on “chick days”…. If I wasn’t a photographer I would probably have a wildlife rehab center. My dream is to one day do both!

THE INTERESTS BIT- I’m a pretty basic thirty-something year old. I love avocado toast, soy chai lattes, and I live for pasta. I enjoy bingewatching TV with my hubby(especially The Office and GOT)I love a good cold beer or a sweet white wine.  I love to Ski in the winter and visit the beach in the Summer( I will be the girl getting pruny in the water) and of course I love traveling and making new friends.

THE INCREDIBLY CHEESY PERONALITY BIT- This is going to sound crazy and hopefully doesnt come off as too pretentious(because I defintely don’t mean it to but I feel personality is SO important when choosing your photographer so I thought “ hey a personality test would be fun” and maybe a bit different. So here it goes – I am an INFP – the incredibly rare idealistic empath… Basically, I genuinely care about others and my life evolves around emotions(hip hip hooray). My husband describes me as “too sensitive” but I believe sensitivity is one of the biggest strengths a person can have. I am incredibly honest(not in a brutal way but in a transparent way), I find beauty in everything, I appreciate the small things in life, I am intuitive and nurturing, and I will care about your photos as much as you do. My work revolves around relationships and being the highly empathetic and sensitive person I am lends itself to a certain intuitity when it comes to photographing couples and I am assuming is why one of my biggest compliments is “you captured us perfectly”. I love to take the time to get to know and understand people and connect- it’s just part of my nature. Learn about INFPs

Rad couples. Groovy photos. Good vibes only.